Next Meeting's Agenda

25th June 2021

Welcome members and visitors to our Zoom meeting.



Treasurer's report.

QSL manager's report.

Webmaster's report.

Report from Prestwick Community Centre on future meetings.

Presentation by Clive Smith GM4FZH:

"My Life With Radio"

A talk/presentation by Clive GM4FZH. Looking at some of the radio projects/events I have been involved in over about 50 years - both amateur and non-amateur. This gives a chance to see some of the operating places and shacks I have used as well as some nostalgic items which some of you may remember. The tour ends with my present QTH in Dumfries and Galloway.

The talk lasted about 45 minutes with opportunities for comments and questions.

Open meetings will be hosted as required on each Friday during the recess.


For the Zoom setup you can use the link or, if you have Zoom loaded, you can use the ID number and pass code. [All of which are sent in each agenda email. Contact Derek if you've missed one.]

The next meeting's agenda will be added here when it is released.