80th Anniversary

Early members of the AARG

The club was originally formed by a group of local hams who first met sometime in the early summer of 1937 in Fluery Meng's on Newmarket Street, Ayr. The attendees were Hugh McConnel 2ACQ, Eddie Fish 2HCZ, John Preston BRS1295, Andrew Peden 2FKV and Dave Tannock, BRS1296 who became GM2BUD around 1946.

The meeting included a discussion on the formation of an Amateur Radio Club and the possibilty of setting up morse code practice sessions. Dave Tannock, GM2BUD can be seen on the right of the photo below at the special event station the club put on in Kilmarnock circa 1950. Dave attended the AARG 65th anniversary dinner.

Many thanks to Gary GM3MQO and Dennis GM3YDN for this historical information about the founders of the Ayr Amateur Radio Group.

We have other photos of older members but no detailed information as to their identity or input to the founding of the club. The club would be pleased to hear from anyone who could help us with identification of early members.