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Founded in 1937 and affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain, the Ayr Amateur Radio Group has a long history of being the focus for amateur radio in Ayr and across the county of Ayrshire, Scotland.

The AARG has two callsigns: GM0AYR and GS0AYR.

2017 was the 80th Anniversary of the Ayr Amateur Radio Group

Over the years the group has organised and operated many special event stations at local public events as well as visitor attractions and has launched expeditions to get local islands on the air. These expeditions were held with the aim of helping to promote the local area worldwide. In particular, the AARG has been instrumental in setting up the now highly popular International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend founded by the late AARG member Mike Dalrymple, GM4SUC. With major changes having taken place in UK amateur radio licensing, the group conducts training courses to assist aspiring Radio Amateurs. More information about amateur radio in the UK may be obtained through our useful links page.

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