Garry GM3MQO Honorary Membership (13.01.2023)

The club would like to thank Garry GM3MQO for his long term dedication to the club with an honorary membership.

RSGB Update on Direct Entry to Full Licence

The RSGB is updating their syllabus regarding the Direct Entry to Full Licence.
You can read about the changes here.

The Story of EZNEC Antenna Software – from Beginning to End

AARG members have been invited to a talk by Roy Lewallen W7EL.
The talk is on 03.02.2022 and will start at 20:00, with Zoom being open from 19:45.
It can be joined by clicking here, or by using the following meeting ID and passcode in Zoom:
Meeting ID: 854 4240 4097
Passcode: 528444

See the talk description below:
The developer's own history of the world's most popular antenna modelling software: how it began, grew into a market leader, and is now gracefully retiring as a free gift to the amateur radio community. For this talk we will be joined by guests from other clubs in Scotland, and from our twinned club in Bangor across the water.

Radio Geeks

Tom GM3HNN's company is rebranding from Air Antennas to Radio Geeks. The company's website will be available at radiogeeks.co.uk from November 2020.

Online Club Meetings

The club has now started hosting online meetings over Zoom. You can get details on how to join by contacting the secretary.

New Gallery Pages

The gallery has been updated with images from SOTA 2019 Parkstone Hotel and ILLW 2020 Toward Point Lighthouse.

2020 ILLW

The International Lighthouse Lightship Weekend 2020, ILLW, will take place on the 22nd and 23rd of August.
The AARG will participate from Toward Lighthouse on the Cowal Peninsula. The club has received consent from 2 local property owners to operate from directly in front of the lighthouse and very close to the sea.
If any of you wish to come and participate, please contact Austen MM6OOP.

2020 Summits On The Air Trip

Michael MM7MMW has written a short article about a SOTA trip in the Arrochar Alps they were on together with Craig 2M0LXX. A page has been created for this here.

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