Ayr Amateur Radio Group
Go to https://groups.io/g/Gm0ayr Select Sign up
Enter email address Enter a password of your choice Click on Create Account By doing this you will be sending an email to site owner who will then approve When approved you will receive an email which will give you instructions and a link to the site
You may have to logon with you email address and password Choose Gm0ayr Please enter your first name and callsign or SWL number, if you have one, in the Display Name field
You will see main menu on left of screen Select Subscriptions
Select your prefered email delivery method You can choose to receive all messages from members via email, or a summary, or no emails Note: You can answer emails and your comments will be posted in messages Note: If you choose no emails you will have to logon to the forum to see messages
Choose messages You should see existing messages Click on Topic heading e.g Calendar To send a message under a topic go to last message, click reply, type message and Reply to Group or click Private to respond to an individual only Also you can reply to any message in the thread
To start a new thread click New Topic in the main menu on the left Enter Subject which will become the heading for the new thread
Select Calendar in main menu You will see current month Check the Time Zone in the bottom right hand corner and select Dublin, Edinburgh etc Calendar is Read Only
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