Next Meeting's Agenda

14th February 2020

Welcome members and visitors.



Treasurer's report.

Webmaster report from Benjamin: Issues with web page have been resolved, now up to date.

QSL manager's report.

St Cuthbert's golf club has confirmed that they would be happy to have us for our Christmas Dinner on the December 11th 2020.

Future outings or special events. Any updates?


It was suggested by Dennis YDN that we have a radio comparison night.
Members are asked to bring a Rig, Dennis will bring his old 101 mark 1 and a dummy load for starters, and a calibrated wattmeter to check rig outputs into a dummy load.


Regards Derek MM0OVD Secretary

The following meeting will be on Friday the 28th of February.

The next meeting's agenda will be added here when it is released.